Best places to travel India by train

Best places to travel India by train
Best places to travel India by train

Hi, friends, best places to travel India by train is a super cool option for travelling.

If you are travelling in India and you are not hiring the train to go. Then its mean you are losing luxury travel experience.

Travel by Indian Railway

Indian Railway and trains are the most comfortable option for travelling in India. You can travel with Indian Railways, and you can feel the luxury experience of travelling.

Indian Railway is the busiest route in the world. Because Indian Railway is the cheap option for transportation from one place to another location.

If you are a budget Traveller, then you must have to try Indian Railways. You can book your sleeper class train ticket online with IRCTC.

Religious travelling in India
Religious travelling in India

Most of the Indian Travellers are using sleeper class coaches of Indian Railways. Most of the frequent Travellers are called this sleeper class India travelling.

You can book online tickets of Railways with the help of IRCTC and other platforms. If you still worry about what is sleeper class train of India?

Sleeper class is a comfortable

So, sleeper class is a comfortable coach without air conditioners services. But it’s amazing because you are getting natural air at the real time.

It is the most comfortable journey. That’s why many people want to know that what is sleeper class in the train of India. Or is it comfortable to use? Then my answer will be you can choose this.

Still, many travellers don’t know that how to book online tickets of Indian Railways. Switch very simple you have to go to IRCTC website. It’s official website of Indian Railway travel and Tour co-operation.

You can go and create your IRCTC website user login and ID with your desired password. And then finally press the enter button. Now you will see all the operational train to travel.

Book your ticket

Choose a particular class of travelling and then choose is it they are available or not. And then only book your ticket with your relevant information.

Then finally you will get the ticket printout or invoice. So you are a frequent Traveller, and you want to travel in India. Especially if you are looking for travel India by train. When do not hire any third party travel agent?

All the Indian Railway system is online and easy to use. So just go online and book your online ticket of Indian Railways.

Looks of Indian Travellers are asking. How can I book rail ticket on mobile? So if you are a frequent Indian Traveller, then you can use the mobile application of IRCTC.

You have to download the app and sign up with your user id and password. Then go and select all the options for travelling. Then finally book your ticket with the help of mobile application of IRCTC.

Still afraid to travel in India by train. Then, my friend, it’s an old age fashion. Indian Railway is on mobile and online platforms. Indian Railways is getting reviews of food, hospitality and train station clean competition.

Travel India by train

So if you are looking for the best solution to travel India by train, then it can be your option.

One of the best places, when you are travelling by train in India, is:

1. Shimla: 6 hour train journey experience: if you are a nature lover. Then this ride will be only for you. Kalka station to Shimla station is hardly 13 km route. But because of mountains, it will take hardly 6 hours to complete the journey.

It will be your best experience when you are travelling in India by train. Mountains and nature with weather combination are creating the huge impact in your mind. Which is the best honeymoon destination in India? All over the world is coming here to celebrate their honeymoon package.

Shimla honeymoon places to travel in this summer
Shimla honeymoon places to travel in this summer

Shimla is the best honeymoon places in the world and India. Travelling by train from Kalka station to Shimla station. When the train stops 105 stations within 6 hours, and it will be a tremendous experience for you. The forest will attract you and hold you in another world.

It’s not just my word when you will be there then you can feel it. If you’re looking for best places to travel in India by train, then you have to go there and check it out.

Railways of Rameshwaram
Railways of Rameshwaram

2. Rameshwaram

This is one of the best places in India while you are travelling India by train. The beauty of nature and people are religious and humbled.

Rameshwaram is a place where Lord Ram Chandra came with his brother to find out his wife, Sita. The gangster Ravan had caught her wife across the ocean in their fort.

That time Lord Ram Chandra had come here and created a humongous bridge between India to Sri Lanka as Ram Setu. The Holistic point of India is Rameshwaram.

When you come here, then you can see that still lots of rocks a floating without any gravity. You can come here and visit the Mandir of Rameshwaram. The nature and weather of Rameshwaram are tremendous and flawless.

How to book online ticket for Rameshwaram? Then still you have to go back to IRCTC and book your online ticket. It’s super easy. Rameshwaram is situated at the bank of the ocean.

satelite picture of Rameshwaram ram setu
satelite picture of Rameshwaram ram setu

Indian ocean is located here, and from here you can go to Sri Lanka via boat. It is also known as Tirth Yatra destination of India.

It’s a religious place of India, and the sentiments are related with them. Rameshwaram people are warm gold and the feeling that gold jewellery is the gift of God.

The field at God has given a gift inside from the earth. So when you come here the most of the people will donate gold to the Lord God.

Indian former prime minister Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was born from here. He completed their studies, and after that, he had gone for Research and invented Agni missile. Mr APJ Abdul Kalam Smarak is situated here.

So whenever you are coming here, and you are travelling by train in India. Then you have to get over here and check it out.


Top Road Trips in India
Top Road Trips in India

3. Haridwar:

when you travel India by train either anywhere then you can see that religious. And their scientific reasons. Haridwar is also known as holy places of India.

Maa Ganga is situated here and flowing from this place. Here the speed of Ganga at that peak. In Haridwar, Hari ki paudi is known as the best destination to travel.

At the evening Ganga aarti is world famous of Haridwar. You can come here and take peace of mind.

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had to get over here at the beginning of Facebook implementation. After that, he had gone and started there are search and implementation of Facebook social media networking site.

Mark Zuckerberg told that I had visited the Haridwar and Himalayas location. Then I got it the. What I have to do and what I am missing.

He also told that he understood that how can we connect the world with the online platform.

The same story was came through Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple company. But before starting that Apple company he had came here and spent the time for relaxation.

Steve Jobs told that he had gone through the valleys of Haridwar and Himalayas. And he got it the place where he can analyse their business.

So if you are coming either travelling for peace and fun then definitely Haridwar will be a place where you can go and visit.

Holy City Varanasi
Holy City Varanasi

4. Holy City Varanasi:

 Varanasi is a place of god. You can come here and enjoy your life and forget everything. The emotional touch of Banaras or Kashi or Varanasi is spiritual and explanatory.

Nobody can define Varanasi and the Beauty. You have just to come here and feel the taste and swag of this place.

Banaras ki Holi is famous worldwide. Varanasi is holding every year at least 70 lakh foreign tourist visitors single-handed. In Varanasi 108 Ghats are available.

Banarasi Paan is world famous, and if you are coming here, then you have to taste it. Banarasi sarees are world famous, and you have to come here and wear it.

If you are festival ever then definitely you have to come and enjoy the festivals of India. Deepavali Dussehra Navratri Holi Lohri and many other festivals you can feel here.

The emotion of Varanasi Yunus is tremendous and unbeatable. Banarasi Lassi and Banarasi paan taste are unforgettable.

Banaras Ki Galiyan it means Street of Varanasi you cannot measure it. The street of Varanasi is very complicated in some places. It was designed for to save their homes from the attack of enemies.

Kashi is the oldest city in the world and its recognised by UNESCO. Varanasi city is now as a heritage of the world.

In Varanasi, BHU is the world third biggest University. Varanasi is a well-known person for medicine and Engineering.

Vastukala and Jyothish are recommendable. Sanskrit literature centre and the variety of language is Varanasi.

If you are looking for best places of Varanasi to travel. Then there will be lots of places to visit.

Durgakund Mandir and Tulsi Manas Mandir with Birla Mandir is a destination for religious sites. It’s a parliament area of the prime minister of India Narendra Modi.

Kashi Vishwanath and Kaal Bhairav mandir are situated here. River Ganga is an essential place of Varanasi. Varanasi, the central zone of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar community.

So if you’re coming here, then you can watch Sarnath which one known as one of the best places of Lord Buddha. Mini Chinese temple is here with their complete Association.

The best of Varanasi is that all religion with all contribution. The celebration of love and enjoy is recommendable and tremendous.

Matheran Mountains
Matheran Mountains

5. Maharashtra:

 Hope you’re surprised because Maharashtra is a state of India. And I’m calling complete state as a travelling destination.

What is true that if you will come in Maharashtra, then Maharashtra tourism is tremendous. The best places of Maharashtra to visit and travel by train.

Matheran is a place where all the tourist guides and honeymoon lovers with adventurous tracking is active.

You can come here by train till Karjat station. Then you can take the local train from Mumbai to go to Neral station.

After Neeral station you have to track either use your vehicle to reach Matheran hill station. At Matheran lots of points to visit for example.

Lucia point, echo location and many more destination to visit.

Trimbakeshwar Mahadev Mandir is another destination where you can go and visit the temple of Lord Shiva.

Raigarh is a hill station where you can go and feel the experience of the mountain.

Nashik is a place of Sai Baba mandir where all the religious visitors are visiting this place each and every day.

Mumbai have lots of places to travel and visit.

So it means if you come at Maharashtra for tourism then you can see the different varieties of the world.

6. Agra the Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal is located at Agra city. It is the seven wonders of the world.

Taj Mahal is architecture made by Shah Jahan. It’s a coffin of his wife. But the speciality of this place is Sang-marmar entirely makes it.

To make this architecture had taken 15 years. It’s a historical place and heritage of the world. As per the record of Indian government every year at least 1.7 crore visitors hitting this place.

It’s a world famous destination and the best places to visit if you are a real lover. You can travel in Agra and you can teach the food of Agra.

You can travel India by train from Delhi to Agra. It will take hardly 3 hours to reach. The first class coaches of Indian Railways will give you the luxury experience of travel.

Most of the royal families are coming here and spending the time in Agra as a lover destination.

So if you are travelling with your wife or your love, then you must have to come here and visit this place.

Friends there are many many destination to travel India by train. It will take at least one day either today other more than that.

So I am finishing this chapter right here but continue with me. I will reveal the best destination of India to travel by train very soon. Thanks

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