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The diversity of India is amazing. In this article, you will know about the top famous tourist places in India state wise. India is the best tourist attraction in India.

Get the complete list of tourist places in India and India destinations of India list wise. We came to the best tourist places in India map only for you in this article.

Where is the list of top destinations in India:

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal: Uttar Pradesh is the state of India. This is the largest states of India population wise.
It is situated in Uttar Pradesh Tourism, and it is seven wonders of India.

The beauty of Taj Mahal is their marbles architecture. Complete building is made of beautiful white marbles. This is a symbol of love. The Taj Mahal is coming up to the first best tourist places in India.

If you are a budget Traveller, then you can come here and travel within 10000 rupees. The hotels and tourism are very cheap in Agra. It is supported by the tourism of India department.

Yeah, you can get it all the guides who can describe you the history of Taj Mahal and India. Taj Mahal is famous for their pictures and if you come here then take your image to get the best.

If you will come here and if you want to know more about Taj Mahal.hen please read this article to understand more about Taj Mahal.


Mumbai: This is the commercial city of India. Then you can get all the facilities of your life across the world. The top 100 billionaires in the world are coming from Mumbai.

Mumbai is famous for their Churchgate, Marine Drive, Bandra, Dadar, sea Link, Matheran and many other destinations of Maharashtra.

If you are a budget fibula then definitely Mumbai will not be the best destination for you. Because Mumbai is a very expensive city for the travelers.

Mumbai is the top 10 holiday destinations in India. The best time to visit in Mumbai is for summer holidays. Mumbai is also rank for the best holiday destination in India in December.

Mumbai is coming to the top 3 best cities to visit in India. If you’re looking for a best family vacation destination in India. Then Maharashtra and Mumbai and the hill stations will be the perfect place for you.


Kerala: It is situated in the south zone of India. This is one of the states of India. It is famous for their beauty and their peaceful nature connectivity.

Kerala is coming to the top 3 best destinations in India for traveling. The reason behind us Kerala have beautiful places in India for the honeymoon. Most of the newly wedded couples are coming here.

Meditation and the therapy are recommendable. Kerala is famous for their spices and the natural beauty.

UNESCO has given 7th rank took for the top famous tourist places in India state wise visit. The parameters of the striking were their culture.


Goa: It is the top best destination for all the youngsters of India. The reason is the sexy girls and the hot beaches of Goa.

It is also true that most coming here for looking beers at the cheaper rate. Most of the person is coming into the Goa because of fun.

This is a place for youngsters destinations. Goa is the top most beautiful places in India for the honeymoon.

Only in Goa if you will come here then you can feel the sunburn festivals. That’s why summer vacation is the best destination of Goa.

wedding couples
wedding couples

Karnataka: Karnataka is a state of India, and it is the best and high street of the world in respect of Technology. The reason behind this of Technology. So the city name is Bangalore.

Hampi is the river of Karnataka. Most of the tourist attraction of Karnataka is because of Bengaluru and Hampi river. These are the top tourist places in Bengaluru and Karnataka

Bengaluru is also known as information technology hub of India. Most of the engineers of India are situated here. More than 15000 + startups and stand up companies are located in Bengaluru.

Karnataka is also known for their language and movie of Karnataka. It is also famous for their temples. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are the superior authority.

Every night Karnataka or Bengaluru then you can get it eloquent flights for Bengaluru.


Rajasthan: It is the most significant state of India according to the ratio. Most of the place is situated with the help of desert.

The culture of Rajasthan and Marwadi community is flawless. Rajasthani human being believes in Mahaveer Jain concept.

The food of Rajasthan vegetarian the person variety of fresh foods. If you are coming back to the Rajasthan then definitely you can get the quality type of food.

Rajasthan is also famous for their palaces and hotel. TOP Royal hotels across the world are situated in Rajasthan. Still, if you are looking for a list of India, then Rajasthan will be hospitality and services.

The beauty of Rajasthan tremendous. If you are getting a mountain location then next 50 km you will find out a desert.

Rajasthan is also famous for their history and Rajputana style. The Forts of Rajasthan have their memories. Mini-movies Hollywood and Bollywood use their location and quotes. For example, deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are based on Rajputana style.

If you are trying to visit in India then definitely Rajasthan will be the place where you can go and live next one week.


Darjeeling: If you’re planning your holidays in India or an adventurous tour. Then Darjeeling will be a place where you can come and schedule your tour.

Darjeeling you can visit lots of mountains and their beauty. This place is for and adventurous guys. If you’re coming here, it can be your best destination.

Hotels in Darjeeling are very good. The hospitality level of this place and this is the one of the best clean city in India.

This place and state are totally depend on organic farming. Yeah, you can breathe and do some yoga for your health-conscious body.

This place is famous for yoga travel and Hinduism.

The valleys and mountains will attract you, and you will remember this adventurous trip in your life.


Maharashtra: This is the state of Indian economy. Mumbai is the city which One belongs from Maharashtra is the information technology hub.

Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and singer Lata Mangeshkar are one of the best diamonds given by Maharashtra.

Famous for their farming and their agriculture capabilities. This place has a sufficient amount of water, but still, they are growing very fast.

The big billionaires have related this place and growing day by day. Most of the new technologies and business thought the process is rising from Maharashtra.

We can say that this is the backbone of India and world economy. If you are interested in business and economy forums then definitely you have to visit in India and especially in Maharashtra.

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