Badminton in India is flourishing


Definitely YES !

We were in a park overdo day taking some comfortable cold oxygen where I found 2 center aged ladies chatting. The okay gossip which such aged ladies chat are Saas Bahu Hindu Serials , Neighbour Son’s involve a pedestal affair, cribing their own vibrancy miseries. But that day i found something attractive. They were actually talking not quite putting their children into Badminton coaching. I kept peeking my ears to their conversation.

They were greedy fans of Saina Nehwal – seeing her interviews regarding the television , watching her deed few summit class matches definitely inspired them. They tormented their children to become bearing in mind sport stars and make the country distant.

With the likes of Srikant K , PV Sindhu , Kashyap – badminton in India is surely attainment appreciation . It will not be surprising to expect few world champions from India in the heavy gone.

A major role in this goes for the media. The STAR Sports has been covering the Premier Badminton League in such an incredible mannerism that people are glued to the television sets.

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