Animal (Elephant) love of India

Animal (Elephant) love of India
Animal (Elephant) love of India

India, Second largest population country, the fourth largest economy, and the fastest growing economies in the world.

Culture of India who combines traditions and ideas of piece, relief and love.

India is the best tourist attractions in India that we recommend you visit.


Animal Love

Love of animals in India and the desire to help, key attribute of Indian buddies.

Animals are bringing all sorts of people together.

Elephants are incredibly intelligent species that have excellent memories and are well-known for their talent for communication and affection.

The Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) is one of three recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant and native to mainland Asia.

Since 1986, Elephas maximus has been listed as Endangered by IUCN as the population has declined by at least 50% over the last 60 to 75 years or three generations. Asian elephants are threatened by habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation.

Elephants In the Northwest — at the foot of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, ranging from Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary to the Yamuna River.


In a study area of 1,130 km2 (440 sq mi) in southern India, elephants were recorded to feed on 112 different plant species, most commonly of the order Malvales, and the legume, palm, sedge and true grass families. They graze on the tall grasses, but the portion consumed varies with season. When the new flush appears in April, they remove the tender blades in small clumps. Later, when grasses are higher than 0.5 m (1.6 ft), they uproot entire clumps, dust them skilfully and consume the fresh leave tops, but discard the roots.

Young wild-born elephants are removed from their mothers in Myanmar for use in Thailand’s tourism industry. Mothers are often killed in the process, and calves are placed alongside unrelated cows to suggest they are with their mothers. The calves are often subjected to a ‘breaking in’ process, which may involve being tied up, confined, starved, beaten and tortured, as a result of which two-thirds may perish.

The Asian or Asiatic elephant (Elephas maximus) is the only living species of the genus Elephas and is distributed in Southeast Asia from India.

Elephants are not only a cultural icon in India and throughout Asia, they also help to maintain the integrity of their forest and grassland habitats.

elephant love
elephant love

Lawrence Anthony, an award-winning author who writes about his life on a game reserve in South Africa and his relationship with a special herd of elephants, is known as The Elephant Whisperer. He sums up humans’ special bond with elephants in the best way:

The wrong way to go about this is to say that communication with other species is an illusion. Communication is not the preserve of humans; it is the one thing that is truly universal.

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