Andaman Tourism – Island, Scuba Diving, Visiting Places & Best Hotels

Andaman Tourism - Island, Scuba Diving, Visiting Places & Best Hotels
Andaman Tourism - Island, Scuba Diving, Visiting Places & Best Hotels

Andaman & Nicobar is a state of India. Andaman Tourism is one of the best travel places into the world and in India. Beauty of nature and adventure lovers are coming here and enjoy. Geographical presence of Andaman is great and pronominal.

Andaman is in between ‘bay of bangal‘ & near by ‘Myanmar‘. Most of the part of Andaman & nicobar is the part of Union Tertiary of India. Some of the part is located with ‘Mayanmar’. But the best part of Andaman, when you’re there then no connection with outer world. This the best thing to learn about your own-self.

andaman ocean
andaman ocean

The beauty of nature is here because Islands of Andaman is beautiful. Here, tropical weather and water color is clean. Here, you can watch inner layer of ocean while you are watching via your boat.

One of the Island of Andaman is Long Island. It’s just 47 nautical miles away from the Port Blair Airport. Long Island is 18 square kilometer long area. Here, modern village for Andaman tourism with max 2000 population.

Village has it’s own power system and power house. At Andaman tourism, a well maintain boat with building yard, schools, banks, hospital, range forest, police stations and post office stations. It means, all the facilities are viable here. But here no road network.

Best Attraction of Long Island of Andaman is vast marine and beautiful beaches, caves, green hills and mangroves with lot’s of adventure tourism. The tropical forest of this Island is green, untouched ecosystem.

In Andaman, enter and exit point is located at the Island headquater. Here, Beaches, waterfall, boating and elephant safari into the caves for visit.

andaman tourism
andaman tourism

Scuba diving is one the most adventures activity. Because of beautiful ocean and beaches for tourism booming. While you’re here then no matter, you know the scuba or not. Here, special trainers can give you relax and facilities for diving without any fear. If you don’t know to swim then no matter still you can do scuba diving. That’s why, Andaman is the best place to visit and for tourism.

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