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India is culture bank of world. Here you can get whatever you wanted. One of the biggest market of the world. That’s why everything you will get it at one place. But you have to know, where you can find it. That’s why TBI ( comes into the picture where you can get it all resources to live a happy life with a guide portal.

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Tourists begin to walk to India from all across the world. And Indians ready with their happy gesture to welcoming their tourist of the sweltering summer and muggy monsoon months, and exploration of the country. India is a place where you can get it Whatever your interest, there is something in India to suit every kind of traveler: That’s why, India is a destinations for this winter.
History Tourist Haven : Orchha, Madhya Pradesh


If you are a history reader or lover then Orchaa, Madhya Pradesh is a visiting place to you and you will feel like it’s your history haven. In the sprawling state of Madhya Pradesh, right in the heart of India, is the historic town of Orchha. Despite its proximity to popular locations like Gwalior (famous for its nearby medieval fort) and Khajuraho (the town of temples with erotic wall carvings), it is off the beaten tourist trail. However, this town, by the Betwa river, is definitely worth a trip for its exquisite 17th century monuments.

Khajuraho’s erotic sculptures at Madhya Pradesh

travel madhya pradesh
travel madhya pradesh

Go to Jahangir Mahal palace or The fort complex, and then walk across the courtyard to Raj Mahal palace for the colorful wall murals. Come back later in the evening to catch the sound and light show that presents the cheered history of this region.

Go temple hopping, making sure to include the Chaturbhuj temple with its soaring walls and tall ceilings, and the Laxminarayan temple, which is the nucleus of local life in Orchha.

Nature Palace: Binsar, Uttarakhand

travel uttarakhand
travel uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is place where you can reach within a day’s travel from Delhi. Binsar gives you retreat amidst towards the lofty Himalayas. Snow peaks view till Nanda Devi, Trishul and Panchachuli. Still that time you will seem almost within touching distance from this settlement.
Destination: Uttarakhand

Binsar is more a be destination than a get your hands on one, but for those who behind to stay responsive, the best substitute is to hike occurring the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary to Zero Point for spectacular mountain views.

Head out for the day to the 9th century Jageshwar temples, or go on a birdwatching vacation not far away off from your hotel.

Where to stay: for a utter leave suddenly together amid oak and pine reforest silence, stay at the Mary Budden Estate (, a restored 19th century habitat.
Amritsar, Punjab – A spirituality power-source

Amritsar have enthralling history, deafening food and cheap shopping considering a soothing dose of spirituality. The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) welcomes not single-handedly Sikhs, to whom this is the ultimate exposure of their faith, but people from every one religions.

The Golden Temple, beating the hours of daylight crowds. After a stroll regarding the periphery, locate a bashful spot for people watching.

Sample hearty Punjabi food subsequently alu kulcha (a thick bread stuffed taking into account spiced potatoes) at Bhrawan da Dhaba, adjoining the Town Hall. Wash it down behind a high glass of lassi (churned yoghurt, sold enthralling or salty) at any of the lassi stalls that dot the lanes.
Wildlife of India: Tadoba, Maharashtra

Tadoba fierce tigresses Maya and Chhoti Tara, who have recently terrible birth to litters. Wildlife enthusiasts from all on peak of the country are flocking to this offbeat National Park for a glimpse of the cubs.

Enjoy safaris in front, easiest curtains through your hotel, and head into the jungles twice a hours of daylight.

Where to stay: Svasara ( is a popular substitute, located approximately adjacent entry to one of the main entries to the tree-tree-plant.

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