Amazing and Most Beautiful Temple Flowers of India

Temple Flowers of India
Temple Flowers of India

India is a country where temples are the Civilization source. In temples of India you have to give away towards lord with the beautiful temple flowers.

Let’s know what type of amazing and most beautiful temple flowers of India are linked.

Lotus (The flower of temple inside)

Lotus temple flower image
Lotus temple flower image

We always know that flower is popular for the fragrance and for beautiful color.

This is true but when you talk about lotus flower this is beautiful because it is the flower of Temple who is developing inside water pound areas.

This flower is actually very beautiful so that’s why it is used for mental medical support and health support.

Flower Lotus is very religious and important in Indian culture because it is the national flower of India.

The beauty of Red Square and Lotus is that it is antic plant that is rising into the pound. Most of the time it grows into the mud that’s why most of the person is giving example of the flower that you can grow either you are into the mud.

Why Lotus is religious

Indian Lotus is divine flower because Lord Vishnu Lord Ganesha Lord Ram Lord Lakshmi and different other gods are accepting this flower and that’s why it is the temple flower of India.

The purity of lotus is amazing because it is going into the market but still the beauty is pure.

Hibiscus (the flower of Durga Mata)

Hibiscus Durag Phool
Hibiscus Durag Phool

This flower is also known as Durga Mata flower.

In Navratra, the festival of India this particular Temple flower of India is very popular towards all citizen.

Hibiscus flower is also very popular in Indian Ayurveda and this is useful for medical treatment.

The seeds of Hibiscus flower is very powerful and it is an ornamental plant that is used for worship goddess Kali in West Bengal Kolkata and that’s why it is religious flower of India.

Mariglos (Deepawali flower)

Marigolds Genda Phool
Marigolds Genda Phool

It is African Marigold flower that is actually useful for medical and genetic issues.

This plant is already available in to the home garden of India.

This particular flower is very popular in Deepawali or Diwali festival of India. in Indian language it is also known as Genda Phool.

Most of the flower farmers are using this flower for their daily life economic benefit. This flower is very good for the immune system improvement and care.

This Temple flower of India is available everywhere across India and it is available to gift all worship God.

Parijat (the flower of lord Vishnu)

Jasmine Flower
Jasmine Flower

Parijat is Temple flower of India and this is also known as Jasmine.

This power is Wheel old and this flower is also coming from ancient ages.

As per the story of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Lord Vishnu got this flower from the king of God Indra.

For this flower Lord Vishnu and Indra have a huge war to satisfy their Ego and values.

This flower is actually known as the Kapil vruksh and it is associated with Lord Krishna. The fragrant flowers close to Lord Krishna that’s wife Parijat or jasmine flower is very wheel effective if you’re praying God Krishna.

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