AirAsia 99 rupees plan for seven cities.

AirAsia rs 99 plan January 2018
AirAsia rs 99 plan January 2018

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AirAsia 99 rupees plan

AirAsia is giving 99 rupees air travel experience for Indians for the seven metro cities.

If you are planning for the next air traveling trip within six months, then AirAsia will give you the best expose.

Air Asia is giving you only 99 rupees plan for their Airlines traveling.

But the conditions apply if you want to use the 99 plan then it will be only for festive season end.

It is the reason because of the competitive market of air travel of India.

Air Asia is the best competitor for the other Airlines.

1499 rupees for foreign tour

AirAsia is not only providing for domestic airline travelers. But still, if you are looking either planning for the out of India travel. Generation is coming with you with 1499 rupees plan.

But this offer is only for selected countries air Asia with minimum cost.

Air Asia will give you rupees 99 tickets of air traveling for only seven metro cities like

AirAsia rs 99 plan & 1499 rupees for foreign tour
AirAsia rs 99 plan & 1499 rupees for foreign tour

Bengaluru Hyderabad Kochi Kolkata New Delhi Pune and Ranchi.

This offer is only for limited time. The Air Asia sale is only limited to 15 January to 21st January.

The Mega sale of Air Asia will be for the Travellers until 31st July.

How to book the ticket of AirAsia?

Air Asia have their website and App.

This offer is only for the Air Asia customers who will come and register their account on Air Asia website or app.

Where shes are giving the full confidence to the travelers, they can book the ticket across Air Asia India, Thai Air Asia, AirAsia X and Indonesia air X you can get it the benefit.

We all know that Air Asia is a part of Tata Sons.

Total percentage of Tata sons is 49%, and the other valuation is up to the Air Asia group

But still the management of AirAsia is excellent, and they are ruling at Bangkok and many other foreign countries.

Looking for a long weekend either if you are getting a short week and then you can go and enjoy and visit the best traveling experience of your life.

Air Asia is giving you the best chance to fly with Indian airlines and experience the air travel India.

It is suitable for Indian markets of airlines. It will boost YouTube market and the seal system of Airlines.

Best of luck with the tickets!!!

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