Puja of Ahoi Ashtami katha – Mothers Fasting for Their Children

Mothers Fasting Puja of Ahoi Ashtami katha
Puja of Ahoi Ashtami katha - Mothers Fasting

Ahoi Ashtami katha on fasting mothers do for their children’s happiness, prosperity and longevity. The child of the mother who performs this fast is not prone to any disease, financial distress, accident.

If there is any problem in the family life of the child, then he also gets away with the measures taken on this day.

On the eighth day of the month of Ahoi, mothers wish for their long life by keeping a living fast. They are doing Ahoi Ashtami Katha Puja. This fast has a special significance.

Ahoi Ashtami Fasting Puja Katha(Story):

A moneylender had 7 sons and had a daughter. Sahukar had married his seven sons and a daughter. Now there were seven sons in his house with seven sons.

Sahukar’s daughter came to her mother-in-law on Diwali. On Diwali, the house was to be leased, so all the daughter-in-law went to take the soil from the forest. Seeing this, daughter of mother-in-law Shahukar from Sasural also accompanied her.

At the place where the moneylender’s daughter was cutting the soil, Saiyuh (Sahi) lived with her sons. One child of Saiyu died due to a bribe of a moneylender by mistake of cutting a soil. Being angry at this, Saiyu said that I will bury your hips.

Picture of Ahoi Ashtami Puja Katha Fast
Picture of Ahoi Ashtami Puja Katha Fast

Listening to the words of Saiyu, the moneylender’s daughter asks one of her seven brothers and sisters to take her kokk instead. The smallest bribe is ready to bake its hips instead of a nose. After this, every child who has a younger sister-in-law dies after seven days, after seven deaths like this, she called the Pandit and asked for the reason. Pandit advised to serve Surai cow.

More about Ahoi Ashtami katha

Surayi is pleased with the service and asks the daughter-in-law that why are you serving me so much and what does she want from her? Whatever your wish, ask for me. The moneylender’s daughter-in-law said that Saiyu mother has tied my womb, so my children do not survive. I will thank you if you open my womb. The cow mother accepted her and took her along to take seven seven miles across the sea to Saiyahu Mother.

When they get tired on the way, they start relaxing. Suddenly the eyes of the smallest daughter of the moneylender goes towards one side, she sees that a snake is going to dash the child of an eagle fan and she kills the serpent. Garuda feathers come in there and seeing the blood spread, she feels that the younger sister has killed her child, on this, she starts beating the younger daughter-in-law.

Finally the younger daughter-in-law says that she has saved her child’s life. Garuda feathers are happy over this and with Surhi, they bring them to Saihu.

Ahoi Ashtami Puja Katha Fasting slogan
Ahoi Ashtami Puja Katha Fasting slogan

Conclusion of Ahoi Ashtami katha Puja

There also the younger daughter-in-law also works for Sanyu. Being blessed with the service of the younger daughter-in-law, blesses him with seven sons and seven daughters-in-law. Sayyahu gives the blessings to the younger son and seven sons and seven sons.

She says that when you go home, you have to celebrate Ahoian’s mother. Make seven seven eighths and make seven columns. When he returned home, he found seven sons and seven daughter-in-law daughters. He became very happy with happiness. Because he made the seven Ahoyi and gave him a seven-sided yarn.

Aho’i means one also happens to be ‘unholy’. Like the smallest daughter-in-law of a moneylender had done that. Just as Ahohi mother opened the womb of the moneylender, so do the desires of all the women who do this fast.

Aho’i Ashtami is celebrated on the Ashtami of the Krishna side of Ashwin month. On this day Ahoi Mata is fasting.

Wear a silver locket in Puja of Ahoi Ashtami katha

At the time of worship, the story of Ahoi Mata is also said. In the worship of Ahoi Mata, a silver locket with a picture of Ahoi Mata is worn on the wall paintings. After this, women who fast on this locket have to wear. In this, women have to wear pearls of silver according to the number of their children. After pooja, Ahoi mother apologized for the mistakes made inadvertently. Not only this, by touching the feet of the elders of the house, get blessings.

Ahoi Ashtami Puja logo
Ahoi Ashtami Puja logo

Ahoi Katha or Ahoi Puja significance

The day of Ashtami after the Karva Chauth in the month of Kartik is called Ahoi Mata Dynasty. Ahoi means that there is unevenness.

While, This is done by fasted mothers for the long life of son’s, happiness, prosperity and happiness in the house. Various types of dishes are made on the day of Ashtami.

Therefore, After the completion of the pooja, the offerings are made by the women by seeing the moon or the stars. Apart from this, getting blessings by touching the feet of elders is considered mandatory.

In conclusion, From this the fast is completed and Ahoei mother is happy. It is believed that children who do not have children, get the child happiness from tasting the offerings of Ahoi Ashtami.

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