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Ahmadabad is one of the most economical cities of India. Ahmadabad is located at Gujarat state of India. Ahmadabad is famous for Gujarati foods, Gujarati temples Gujarati human being.

At Ahmadabad, Sabarmati riverfront is one of the best places to visiting at Gujarat. The name of Sabarmati riverfront, because of the river Sabarmati. Sabarmati is the name of mother of Mahatma Gandhi. As we all know that Mahatma Gandhi is the nation father of India. Mahatma Gandhi was the man who had created impact on Indian politics for freedom of India. Mahatma because a person created impact on all the humanity. That’s why this river known as sabarmati river.

Ahmadabad, Sabarmati riverfront
Ahmadabad, Sabarmati riverfront

Actually, when Prime Minister Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat. Then he had created this river fund to save sabarmati river. Prime Minister Modi had created this place as a picnic and evening spot of Gujarat After this initiative all other states has created and implemented in their own States. Whenever you come at Ahmadabad then you must have to go to Sabarmati riverfront. In the evening lots of Gujarati families are here and whenever rain comes in then its look like as a Holistic place.

Ahmadabad is also famous for business purpose. Businessman in all over the world belonging from this place. This is a economical hub of india after Mumbai. Most of the best Mumbai Businessman related from this place. Patience and faith important key factor of this place. Ahmadabad is also famous for collaborated business. Right here if you want to create a business then you can get lots of partner. That’s why the investment amount either financial amount is getting lower and cheaper for a businessman.

Ahmedabad is also famous for Akshardham temple. Akshardham temple most beautiful architecture of Hindus. Swami temple and in this Temple beautiful statues. Brilliant designs on the rocks with ancient Indian history collaboration looking beautiful. Once you come here then you can forget outer world. The reason behind this spiritual connectivity an emotional impact. This temple was created buy one of the best architecture into the world. This temple is getting lots of space with lots of facilities as tourist place .

Akshardham Mandir is well known as a spiritual connectivity. In this Temple when youngsters are coming then they are playing and learning about Indian history. This is the most amazing factor of this Temple. The popularity of this Temple is Hughes. Similar kind of Temple created at Delhi the capital of India. At Delhi Akshardham temple is one of the best visiting places of New Delhi.


Ahmadabad is also known for jain culture. Culture of Buddhist is presented at this place. That’s why most of the vegetarian peoples are belonging from this place. Also non vegetarian occupied at Ahmadabad. Gandhinagar is one of the most best smart cities of India. Gandhinagar is also gujarat capital.

At Gandhinagar Vidhan Sabha of Gujarat Gujarat ministry office of Gujarat. That’s why this is the most sensitive area of the Gujarat. Prime Minister Modi was belong in from this place that’s why clean India project performing on the best level. When you came at Gandhinagar, beautiful roads clean houses decorated electricity polls and many more facilities right here. Smart architecture created this place as a comfortable place of India.

At Ahmadabad, gujarati food is known as one of the most incredible food of India. Gujarati Thali is one of the best cocktail of energy. In Gujarati Thali you can get it everything regarding your meal. In this food, you are getting the taste of sugar and salt both at one time. You’re getting Roti either bread you are getting rice and khichdi. Whenever you are eating this food you are getting the best flavour in all over the world. Gujarati Thali is also famous for spices. So whenever you come here don’t forget to eat.

Ahmedabad is also known as the best scientific place of India. One of the best Research Institute of belonging from this place. IIT Ahmadabad is situated at this place with big amount of knowledgeable talent. IIM ahmadabad is the first choice of all management Gurus in India. Business gurus and CEO of companies are coming here to learn about management at Ahmadabad. India is working on startup India project. One of the best startup places are related with this human resource centre. New inventions are working, new talents are making the technology of​ future.

So, in conclusion, Ahmadabad is place of spiritual connectivity, it is a place for adventure. It is a place of fun and economy. As we all know that if your financial growth is high and your adventure level goes on a flavor. If you want to learn and get some fun then definitely you have to come here.


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