Agra – Tajmahal, Fort, Love and Royal Hotels

Agra tajmahal tour
Agra tajmahal tour

Agra is the most important travel destination of India. This is a place and symbol of love. Former Indian Emperor shahjahan had created architecture for his wife.

Agra is located at Uttar Pradesh. That’s why the tourism of Uttar Pradesh growing day by day. Uttar Pradesh tourist can we get lots of places like Varanasi, allahabad, kanpur, and many more.


Agra is the one of the most hot destination Uttar Pradesh Tourism. Indian government tool that lots of taxes and revenue of tourism has been generated from Agra. Taj Mahal is known as wonder of the world. As we all know that in all over the world only 7 wonders available. Agra is famous for their fort. Agra Fort had been created at last century.

But the beauty of this fort is there architecture. Mughal emperors created this architecture. This architecture is for security purpose of Mughal emperors. This one was really beautiful. Till now this architecture is used for Museum purpose. Whenever youth or youngsters are coming here then they are getting the information of the history.

Agra fort
Agra fort

It connects to the history it connect to the love it connects to the Indian tourism. That’s why Agra is the one of the best places to visit in India. For tourism, adventure and for fun with history. You have to come enjoy this place.

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