A different school built by a common man in India

A different school built by a common man in India
A different school built by a common man in India

A different school built by a common man in India

A student studying in hostel at Vanashree school in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. A different school built by a common man.

Dressed in spotless white Honnesara Paniyajji Manjappa smiles in a rosy habit at the children sitting astern a long narrow desk. The classroom is octagonal hence that each and every one of one one one child faces the intellectual. No one can be a backbencher at the three Vanashree schools Manjappa runs in the Shimoga district of Karnataka.

The faces of the children freshen that they are from every on summit of India. Mostly they are poor children, rescued child labourers, minor delinquents, dropouts and children whom other schools turned away.

Vanashree throws its doors door to them. So in the estrange in further 1990 approximately 3,000 students have following through the Vanashree schools. Of them100 have got admitted into medical, engineering and professional colleges. Some are in force abroad. Whenever they arrive to India, they visit the university that transformed their lives.

Currently, the three schools together have about 1,000 children enrolled. Of them 20 percent are from skillfully-to-produce an effect homes and pay fees, which grow occurring to Rs 15-20 lakh annually. Manjappa puts the commission he earns from selling policies of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) into meeting the costs of the schools. For the perch, he depends upon donations.

All the kids, regardless of which own occurring they come from, learn Kannada and speak it fluently. It isnt hard to teach. The kids learn in a year. Knowing the local language has many advantages. They can communicate behind everyone. Otherwise, they would miss out a lot, says Manjappa.

Manju Naik is now an accomplice engineer in Ambikanagars Karnataka Power Corporation in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. He has a dwelling, a job, and a car. In 2002 Naik was a child labourer slaving at a coffee plantation in Chikmagalur. One hours of daylight, Naik and 30 new children were dramatically rescued by Manjappa and brought to Vanashree.

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