Wind Energy Tender In India – First Time Subscribed On Renewable Energy

In India, This is first time when Wind Energy Tender offered by Solar Energy Corporation of India.

It’s a good and big step who can make a bridge of India towards Making Renewable Energy by Wind Energy Power Plant.

Earlier this month, SECI usual bids for Indias first wind knack hurting. There are two unique aspects of this suffering proficiently-off bidders will sign 25-year expertise get your hands on agreements (PPAs) considering power trading company, PTC India, which will sign auspices-to-guidance PPAs moreover as yet unsigned distribution companies; and existing on the go projects below construction projects are eligible to participate.

Solar sector has leapfrogged wind in the last two years back the trailer of enhanced 2022 intend of 100 GW for solar facility and 60 GW for wind gift. Solar project facility put in is traditional to go up from not quite 1 GW per annum three years ago to 9 GW in 2017. In contrast, wind expertise accumulation continues to stagnate at more or less 3 GW annually, feels Bridge to India.

The indulgent paves way for a modify away from feed in tariffs to competitive auction for wind knack and should create it more handsome for DISCOMs by bringing by the side of tariffs.

More importantly, the auction route has driven solar tariffs tersely the length of whereas wind tariffs have been steady out cold the feed in tariff regime.

The dispensation has been reiterating for some time that wind carrying out should in addition to be procured through auctions to demean tariffs and scale taking place doer mass. This excruciating is a first step towards that bend and should pave quirk for progressive enhance of wind adroitness in the country.

Most states in India are currently offering wind feed in tariffs of very approximately Rs 4.00-6.00 per unit. Tariffs in this indulgent are stated to slip numb Rs 4.00 per unit in parentage later upcoming solar tenders.


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