Top 6 cities in India have best public transport

TBI, Research on top 6 best cities in India about best public transport system.

The following cities are mentioned in the answers:

  1. Mumbai
  2. Delhi NCR
  3. Indore
  4. Kolkata
  5. Chennai
  6. Bengaluru

let’s talk about this in brief with


In my experience, Indore has probably the best public transportation system in India. Fare isn’t as cheap as Kolkata but endure me every one penny is worth it.

The Indore City Buses are broad and satisfying for riders. The buses cover not and no-one else the city but even the easy to get to districts including Pithampur, Mhow, Rau, Hatod, Manpur and Simrol. The newly introduced Volvos are impression conditioned too (and they dont see as well as than customary city buses at ALL!).

The best portion is that no issue what decline it is, the waiting period is along surrounded by 30 seconds to 5 minutes, not a second again it.

Top Bus Ways of transportation in India
Ways of transportation in India

Also, the city buses are colored according to their routes. If there is a blue bus, you know it’s going to Rajwada, an orange one? It’s going to Pithampur. It’s a really helpful system.

“Metro In Indore transportation” (How Indore is the best transportation state in India)?

The other one is the Indore BRTS, the metro of Indore.

The average waiting time is 2 Minutes. Which means, at a stop, there is an i-bus after an interval of 2 minutes.

First in India to use the stylish Corona-XL buses. These buses are spacious, equipped with AC, Auto doors, anti-accident system and all. The i-buses are SUPER FAST!

  • Fare ranges between Rs. 5 to 20.

Also, the BRT corridor is very much useful to emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire brigades for transportation. Green Corridors for organ transplants are also successfully created on the BRT lane. It’s considered as top 10 government transport in India.

And you know what the best portion is?

The cumulative corridor is equipped following Wi-Fi! So I can save concerning catching Pokemons while travelling.

To concern on, the Magic vans, Metro Taxis the areas which are not covered by buses.

Overall, Indore has developed a very deafening and a sting public transportation system. Covering the cumulative city, once the least doable waiting epoch. Indore is often compared behind the Colombian city Bogot in terms of transportation. With Metro rail and monorails incoming, lets song how greater than before it gets.


It has got the best Metro Service in India, spanning across 194kms plus an airport express line. Delhi Metro
Bus service also connects the city well with CNG buses plying in many areas.
You have auto-rickshaws, though not very pocket-friendly.
You have pre-paid cabs from Railway Stations, Airports & some other parts connecting you to rest of the city.

  • The city has e-Rickshaws as well.

The condition of the roads are way better than any Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad.

Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru apart from my hometown which would apportion you the idea that I did require a lot of public transportation.

I lived in Kolkata for concerning 5 years and public transport highly developed than there is superb. Its cheap and its really innocent. You have large quantity of buses in all nook and corner. Yes the buses manage slowly, but they are the complete frequently agreeable.

The metro runs along the down the main city. Somebody in this answer mentioned Kolkata Metro sometimes stops lively, I would ask him to experience it firsthand. You have metered taxis easily reached which are beautiful sturdy as dexterously and in aspire of fact cheap(Cheaper than autos in Bangalore).

Then there are shared autos which manage in specific routes and along with there are trams, cycle rickshaws and hand pulled rickshaws. One of the least mentioned modes of public transport is the local trains. In crowd some routes can compare to Mumbai’s.

How many routes from Mumbai to other states?

While in Mumbai there are 3 routes, Kolkata has concerning 67 routes the local trains join to the side of districts even if passing through the city. Overall wonderful public transport.

In Mumbai, the public transport consists of Cabs, Metered Autos, Buses, Metro, Mono Rail and the famed Mumbai Local Trains. The mono rail is pointless though as of now. The metro is not cheap(Reliance operates it consequently) but the connectivity is fine. Kolkata Metro runs faster even though. The Local train sustain is super awesome.

Every few minutes you have a local. The taxi serve is furthermore fine and cheap(cheaper than Kolkata Cab rates). The buses are as a consequence fine in number but Kolkata has a greater than before connectivity of buses. But my favourite in Mumbai was Auto.

The Autorickshaws in Mumbai are super awesome(unfortunately most Mumbaikars dont realise their goodness). They are truly to your liking and always go by meter. I loved Mumbais public transport.

Finally Bengaluru. First of the complete world class bus facilitate. And considering than that ends the enjoyable allocation of Bengalurus public transport. There are mostly Buses and Autos if you habit to go anywhere. The metro opened recently and it serves unaided determined parts of the city.

The metro is pure-natured while. The auto drivers are always asking for calculation. I have been asked INR 80 for going 1km. Totally dismal drivers. Its without help here that I realised the value of having your own vehicle.

I have in addition to visited Hyderabad and Chennai and both places have decent public transport, but I dont have much idea because I did not stay.

I waterfrontt been to Delhi but from what I have heard they have in reality massive Metro assistance. However I am not pardon how open to the auxiliary facilities on summit of there are. Autos I have heard are really bad. Not unqualified more or less bus even though.

If I deem from my experience I atmosphere Mumbai would just edge Kolkata out.

Even while both have regarding the same level of public transport Mumbai would be a tiny enlarged in efficiency and operation. Like more frequent local trains or buses suspension without help at stoppages.

Also its easier to locate a public transport in Mumbai at night than in Kolkata. In Kolkata cabbies tend to refuse you every portion of often which is not the ferociousness in Mumbai.


Why?. Mumbai is a narrow city that stretches from the north to south. The local trains also travel in the same direction and thus can practically take you anywhere. The new Metro adds connectivity from the west to the east.I consider the fast local trains to be as fast as the delhi metro.

Autos are honest and take you by meter (however autos are not allowed inside city district limits ie. below Mahim on west and Sion on east.) Black and yellow cabs are abound also taking you by meter.

Call taxis are available, BEST buses are regular and are there throughout the city. Mumbai is relatively safe for women as they are few isolated spots and the population is well dispersed.

Three dedicated compartments are there in the local trains exclusively for women. HOWEVER AC buses are expensive and not as regular as in delhi and for overcrowded local trains one only has to hear Raju Srivastava or see ANY bollywood movie( the crowd is kinda exaggerated and exists only on weekday peak hours, otherwise it is pretty much manageable).

Local trains stop in Mumbai ONLY FROM 2AM TO 4AM, buses stop at 1AM and resume at 5AM


The metro city which has the most modes of public transport – from the handpulled rickshaw to the underground system of railways would be a strong contender for the indian city subsequent to the best transport system.

Buses ply from subsequent to mention to all reduction to all option narrowing in the city. However, buses may not be dexterously maintained.

Calcutta is one of the few Indian cities then its own cab abet, ling in operation in the past the radio taxis and now the internet app taxis started becoming aimless in cities across India.

That said, these olden orangey cabs are ramshackle and can have highly improper, rash and temperamental drivers. But now the appendage services in the sky of Uber and Ola are easily lighthearted in Calcutta.

Calcutta is the without help Indian city to have hand pulled rickshaws and trams.

Calcutta plus has a utterly ably-used river ferry system and local train promote. The trains mostly ferry suburban commuters and can be filthy and stinky and too overcrowded during hurry hour.

Other cities have their advantages, but many, many disadvantages. Bombay has a highly loud and efficient public transport system.

With the activate of the Metro abet in imitation of its many lines, Delhi can now boast of a certainly massive public transport serve.

Chennai :

Four routes of local electric train connecting city and the suburbs – the good old Beach-Tambaram (now going upto Chengalapattu and beyond) section conecting City and the southern suburbs, Central-Thiruvallur/Arakonam section connecting North-West suburbs, Central-Gummidipoondi section covering Northern suburbs and the Beach-Velachery MRTS section covering part of the eastern areas.

Two divisions of Chennai Metro, Bus services covering Southern and Northern sections respectively. Normal, LSS, Deluxe and A/c buses available across the city.

The recently introduced Small buses (Mini-buses) cover the interior residential neighborhoods.

Call Taxis – Reliable, competitive – covering all parts of city.

Autos – used to be one of the worst in country, now improving because of strict compliance and monitoring

What are the top 10 government transport in India?

Indian government have a huge network of roadways with different state road transport corporation. Here is the following list given below for cheapest transport in India:

  1. Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC)
  2. Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC)
  3. Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC)
  4. Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC)
  5. Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)
  6. Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC)
  7. Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC)
  8. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC)
  9. Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC)
  10. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC)

In conclusion, buses are way more cheapest transport in India for traveling at any time (either day or night). In compare to railways, you have to book your tickets in advacne.

State with best public transportation in india
State with best public transportation in india

Comparsion between train vs buses

In buses, you have to plan and travel for village transport instantly. In compare to buses, trains are more convienent to travel for long.

Nowdays, development of transportation in India is growing fast. Villages are interconnected with cities. Hosptials, School, Co-orprates are hiring (giving jobs) to local people. For that case, most of the public is using buses for local traveling.

For long route traveling in less amount of time. Trains are best to travel. Now, fastest train in India is making your journey easy and comfortable.

Airlines are giving discounts on several airfares on seasonal packeges. In this case, modern transport is booming in India with flow of traffic.

What is mean about modern transport?

Modern transport means, new ways to fly on air, travel on sea and roads of India.

Today India government is working on seaways, highways, airways and nowdays i-ways.

New modern transport will help to create best transportation in India system within few years.

Metro, more air connectivity, Greener buses, Bullet trains, River connectivity, Delivery by drones & internet travel is making advance India.

What is the role of Metro in Modern Transport of India?

Few years back, In Delhi, buses was the only solution for India.

But now, Delhi metro is backbone of India’s captial. In conclusion, High traffic load and limited transport system of delhi raised their level. To deliver the fast and comfortable daily life of citiziens of India.

However, Network of delhi metro routes are the best expample of smart city project of India. Many real estates are making their price high because of metro connectivity.

As per the report of government of India, transportation in India ppt made max number of people service within a day in compare to other countries 3 days public. It has reduce pollution levels in the city by 6,30,000 tonne every year.

By using metro, smart India project is getting high strength. This kind of mordern transport will help India to create and give Developed countries zone.

Now, many other cities of India is using this best transportation in India. Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, and Bengaluru have started metro rail services. Lucknow, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kochi are in progress and launch soon.

How can Greener buses help for enviorment and roadways?

Buses carries maximum load of any city for local transport.  It is covering city’s total population to travel from one end to other visiting places of Indian cities.

In conculsion, High amount of fule consumed by buses of India.

Study of fuel-consumption by buses of India

As per the report, 1.4 times higher fule consumption by diesel buses in compare to conventional CNG buses. It’s impacting total enviorment balance of India & economy.

Nowdays,  cities are making in India, eco-friendly buses. It will produce fewer pollutants.

Delhi’s Transport Corporation (DTC) owns largest fleet of compressed natural gas-fuelled (CNG) buses in the world.

All local govenment is pusing for CNG buses use or electric buses in compare to diesel buses.

Learn more about how to reduce fule consumption by video tutorial

In conclusion, every transport system with new technology flow is making cheapest transportation in India with flexibility.

Comment us, if you want to know more.


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