Sikkim is the most cleanest market of the India

Hi friends, Sikkim declared as the clean vegetable market of India to trade veg offline.

As we all know that, Sikkim is the cleanest city and a state of India. But now Sikkim is breaking their standards. And making their self as the best fresh vegetable market of India ever.

Best fresh vegetable market of India

Sikkim is the beauty of Sikkim human beings that they are conscious about clean India project. The all like to clean their streets home and even the toilets.

The clean India mission has been initiated by our prime minister of India Mr Narendra Damodar Das Modi.

And now Sikkim is the best city who had managed this campaign still incredible.

Sikkim is also one of the best city who is working on organic farming. They’re doing organic farming and working on agriculture tourism.

They are exporting the agriculture products India to foreign countries. Their GDP is right now rising at the rate of 12% every year.

Sikkim is the state who is getting most of the Clean Energy generated by Green sources. Most of the solar panels installed in this state.

Southern and North-eastern parts of India culturally difference Market of India
Southern and North-eastern parts of India culturally difference

Independent state of India

They are selling solar power energy and consuming less government electricity. That’s why they are now genuinely independent state of India regarding economy and agricultural farming.

The worldwide scientist is coming here to know how to work on organic farming. Because the quality of organic farming products is great in comparison to regular farming.

As per the statement of the former of Sikkim. They are generating every month at least 500000 rupees with the help of organic farming.

They are selling the products to the United States and Canada and much more countries for now.

A dedicated to the organic farming and clean India mission. Right now they are not consuming any extra fund by Central Government or state government.

Their economic infrastructure is looking good and their growing at faster speed.

Grow natural and green

Sikkim is the example of the best city who is working on different areas to grow natural and green.

Many states are coming here and try to understand how they can improve their self.

For example, Delhi is working on organic farming and inbound farming to generate more Organic products. Similarly, Tamil Nadu is looking for oil farming.

Hence Uttar Pradesh is looking for soil Technology to improve their productivity. In conclusion Gujarat is looking for their animal productivity and quality with quantity.

Sikkim is the example of exponential growth, and right now this is the best travelling and tour place destination. Hence this is easy, natural connectivity.

नैनीताल travel Market of India
Market of India- Sikkim

Life with energy

Everybody wants to connect with nature and life. And Sikkim is the best example life with energy.

That’s why Sikkim is going very fast, and other states are looking forward to it.

Yet It is a massive effort of political approach and awareness programme by many NGOs.

Finally, this is a great effort by people of Sikkim who had done this I’m still there working on it.

In Sikkim within every 200m, you can find out a trash bin to keep it clean. But actually, they are following it, and they’re working on it.

If every citizen of India and every state of India will follow Sikkim as Trademark and try to reach that Trademark. Then definitely it will be the great news for India.

Best places of India to travelling

First of all, If you are looking best places to travel in India. Then Sikkim will be one of the best places to visit and destination to connect with nature.

By clean India project Sikkim is getting massive tourism and revenue from it. And the most important part is that they don’t have to do any marketing activity.

Now everything is green, and everything is going easily. Finally Desi products like nature and beauty of Sikkim human beings.

Thanks for connecting with us I am sending out and connect with you soon with the new topic of India.

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