List of Best holiday destination in India in January

Top 6 destination in India in January

Explore the list of best holiday destination in India in January.

Happy New Year to all. Best wishes for New Year of 2018. As a frequent Traveller, we are going to explore the top best six places to visit in India in January.

6. Darjeeling – a place of beauty


Darjeeling is a place where nobody can beat the beauty of green tea Gardens and the beautiful mountains of Darjeeling especially in the foggy morning of January.

In Darjeeling, most of the places are foggy with the mountain. That’s why if you travel in January in India then you will get the most exposure of the travel.

Darjeeling is a place where green tea Gardens are available. That’s why the smell of tea you will feel hair and the beauty of nature you can observe.

You can also enjoy the West Bengal location of Darjeeling with Himalayas Railway. UNESCO Has already given the World Heritage site to Darjeeling.

Highest rainfall in Cherrapunji
Highest rainfall in Kanchenjunga

Darjeeling is the best place to visit in India in January because of the foggy and snow of mountain will attract and love your mind. Right here the Kanchenjunga line is the most important visiting attraction to enhance the overall beauty of Exotic tourist spot.

If you come here in January, then you will get the hot food of Darjeeling.

Darjeeling is famous for their momos and their hot fish of West Bengal. I know that you are feeling spicy right now. But think if you are there to visit the best places in India in January then you will get the best opportunity to explore India for traveling.

5. Jammu and Kashmir – the heaven of Earth


In this January you can catch the nature, and you will get the most exposure of best places to visit in India in January.

Jammu and Kashmir are the one of the best full faced Mirchi full attraction of the world. The snowfall and the beautiful valleys of this place is the beautiful attraction.

If you are a tracker then definitely this place will be for you. The hilarious Himalayas and the mountains will be calling you for an adventurous ride.

In the winter season, Himalayan range is more optimistic to travel and explore in this places to go in January in India.

The Rock climbing and paragliding over river rafting is the most important things to do in January of Jammu and Kashmir.


River rafting it can be the best option for you because the snowfall is up to the mark and the water level will be at saturated.

If you want to reach here, then you have to take the Leh airport flight. Either if you’re coming with the help of train then you have to come here directly to the Benny Hill railway station.

As per my opinion, you have to come here by road. Because then you can explore the regular buses and essential North Indian cities of Jammu and Kashmir.

The beautiful nature and mountains you can explore via Road either sometimes it can be by train.

The food of Jammu and Kashmir is lovely and the meditation. It is a point of Jammu and Kashmir travel.

Once you come here, then you can feel why everyone is talking about that this is the heaven of Earth.

4. Bikaner – the Rajasthan Royals


January it can be the best time for you to visit at Bikaner because the main reason is in this month the camel festival is organizing the village of Rajasthani.

Camel festival organized by the camel owners, and they are decorating the camels and try to participate with them the highest racing competitions.

What the camels are participating in various ways is there a haircut there is a child in there showcase their different style. But the best part of that camel festival is their camel race.

All the wishes are coming to here to see who will win the race and who is looking more beautiful in that particular Mela.

In January you can explore the Bikaner food. Bikaner is famous for their footing and packaging system into the world, but right here you can come and study Bikaner tourism of food.

The food of Bikaner is entirely out of the box, and they are giving you the best spices field into their diet.

3. Fatehpur Sikri – the Mughals architecture example

Fatehpur Sikri Palace of India
Fatehpur Sikri Palace of India

UNESCO World Heritage site announces Fatehpur Sikri.

It is one of the best-preserved Marbles of Mughal architecture, and this is the most beautiful architecture of Uttar Pradesh.

If you come here at Fatehpur Sikri to travel then, you can find out this is the capital of Mughal Emperor Akbar. In that Mughal architecture, Akbar found that this is the best place and this is the best creature of the architect.

Fatehpur Sikri is a village with the delightful architecture in 3 by 60 and handicraft creators and the cultural exporters.

Full colorful Marbles and the draught and Bazaar is the key feature of Fatehpur Sikri travel in India in January.

If you’re looking for a long-term travel plan for your January session, then book your trip now.

2. Andaman and Nicobar – the ocean field

andaman ocean
andaman ocean

It Is the place which one genuinely amazed by the travelers.

The beautiful beaches and the loneliness is the crucial feature of Nicobar. Nicobar is the best place to visit in January in India because the crystal clear waters will give you the stretch full beyond sites.

Right here you can come, and you can find the Marine lovers and professional, and you can recreate your honeymoon package.

Andaman and Nicobar is a genuinely economical place to travel and explore in India.

andaman tourism
andaman tourism

Most of Iceland situated in the several villages. Right here you can see the larger sea animals like Dolphin Turtles and big fishes their host friendly with you at anywhere.

It is the time when all the clean water will see you with your fresh Eyes. Without any filter, you can feel the temperature at the 28-degree centigrade, and you will be pleased and with the air drifting off all the day.

1. Kerala – district of God

Kerala is thoroughly blessed with the Gods mountain creation.

If you are planning your travel in January, then Kerala will be the best place to travel because the winter season will be here.

Right here you can explore the tiny towns of the little bit area of 40 km square feet of kalamata.

This place is famous for their aromatic spices and their National average of tea and coffee.

It is the largest exporter in the world for tea and coffee. So you can come here, and you can get the beauty of the Tea Gardens of India in January.


At the highest peak of the mountain get the beautiful visionary of the city. January it can be the peak time for traders and tourist because the most of the thing will be coming from here and the flowers of tea are exploring.

Between December to January, the beautiful colors and the beautiful flowers will be here so this will be the best vacation time spot will be for you to get the bonus.

These are the top 6 priorities of best holiday destination in India in January.

If you have any other suggestion, then please suggest us to explore more and more information regarding this.

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