Indian Premier League 2018 – who will be the winner of IPL 2018?

Indian Premier League 2018 Winner – IPL 2018 ?

Indian Premier League 2018 or IPL 2018 just started there franchise player auction.

If you don’t know about Indian Premier League or IPL. Want to add that Indian Premier League is a sports League that will create a cricket team and play the matches between them.

We are mentioning this point because many people who are the player of North Indian Premier League or which one searching for the Bangladesh Premier League 2017. They don’t know about which year was the first edition of Indian Premier League held in?

ipl 2018 teams - who will win the indian premier league 2018
ipl 2018 teams – who will win the indian premier league 2018

First edition of Indian Premier League

That’s why we are clarifying that the first edition of Indian Premier League was held in 2008. In this IPL 2008, the first match was played with Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders, and the winners were Rajasthan Royals.

Lalit Modi started this Indian Premier League. He was the founder of IPL but after Mini controversy. Lalit Modi was known as cheaters in Indian Premier League.

Before to start about Indian Premier League 2018, I just wanted to clarify few things regarding IPL 2017.

Indian Premier League 2017 was the 10th season of IPL. IPL 2017 Mumbai Indians was the team that won the match, and in the final match, David Warner was the captain of sunrisers Hyderabad team.

IPL 2018 Indian premier league Time Table
IPL 2018 Indian premier league Time Table

Let’s talk about IPL 2018.

Indian Premier League 2018 had got their full list of players from all the 8 IPL teams.

In IPL 2018 auction all the franchisees’ bill that team with the fresh players and the most effective on the ground.

If you will see the IPL 2018 list of players from all IIT IPL teams and their values in respect of salary. Then you can identify and analyze that all the teams are focusing on leading key players that can give them a return on investment.

In this IPL 2018 session, Ben strokes were the highest paid player that has been sold in Rupees 12.5 crore rupees. After that Khan was the most expensive Indian player that one sold out at rupees 11.5 crore rupees.

This both are the players from Rajasthan Royal franchise team.

Let’s talk about the team and their players with their salary:

About Chennai Super Kings:

CSK is the most famous IPL team in this T20 format.

But in this option, Chennai was faced lots of trolling on social media because of senior player listing an opportunity.

Most of the trailers regarding Chennai Super Kings tool that many many senior players are chosen because of their experience not buy that playing capacity.

Shane Watson or Harbhajan Singh or you can choose Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the most senior player of CSK team.

Regarding this topic Stephen Fleming told that experience is the most critical factor of this T20 format.

Stephen Fleming told that as you can see or you can talk about Harbhajan Singh either you can take an example of Shane Watson they all are the Legion prayers and they played well in all the previous IPL matches.

Laxmipati Balaji was the critical member of the selection team core committee. Balaji told that this is the most important factor regarding Chennai Super Kings team is that they have the most experienced and valuable players.

CSK retained Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MS Dhoni at the price of 15 crore Rupees. Suresh Raina is also playing at the cost of 11 crore rupees, most valuable player Ravindra Jadeja is playing @ seven crore rupees, Kedar Jadhav is pricing at the rate of 7.8 crores, Dwayne Bravo is playing for CSK at the rate of 6.4 crore rupees. Karan Sharma is playing for the team @ five crore rupees, Shane Watson is playing for CSK @ four crore rupees, Murali Vijay is playing for the team for two crore rupees, etc.


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