Dharamshala – Beautiful Visiting Destination of India To Travel

Dharamshala is the most beautiful city of India. This is the place of beauty of nature. Beautiful mountains, peace, adventure and Tibetan monks.

This is a place where Dharamshala cricket ground available and directed by Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. In this cricket ground IPL matches, one day series of India and many more sports activity running all over the ground.

But the most important factor of Dharamshala is Dalai Lama. The Tibetan Monk leader please leaving here. Lots of people are coming here to meet with Dalai Lama. But it couldn’t possible which is Dalai Lama is situated at 3 kilometer upside of the Dharamshala mountains. That’s why it’s not easy to reach there. So many more visitors came back from lower Dharamshala ground.

Dharamshala a place to travel india
Dharamshala a place to travel india

Lots of other places of Dharamshala is famous because of their nature of beauty. Usually Dharamshala is beautiful but some of the visiting points are grateful to watch. Domestic points, we will talk later in another article.

Beyond the nature and the Beauty, hill station and hard to live. The mountains of Dharamshala look beautiful but not easy to live. That’s why tracking lover and adventure level youngsters are coming here to tracking.

Absolutely when you just reach here then first thing is in the mind, definitely tracking. Trekking at Dharamshala is one of the most growing business of Himachal Pradesh Tourism.

This business is growing which is 16% of increment each and every year. And this is 1% of total tourism of travel business. Not only from India but across the India, lots of tourist are coming here for fun, adventure and to Breach their limitations.

Dharamshala visiting places to travel india
Dharamshala visiting places to travel india

At Dharamshala beautiful resorts and hotels. Best hospitality across the nation. So if you are a natural lover then definitely you have to come at Dharamshala and visit to travel in India. Affordable price and unlimited resources of adventure is right here.

This is Himachal Pradesh Tourism, this is incredible India.


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