Southern and North-eastern parts of India culturally difference Market of India

Southern and North-eastern parts of India culturally difference

A few points before my conclusion : the south was mostly ruled by different kingdoms that coexisted and at certain times under regional hegemony sometimes the southern kingdoms formed confederacies mostly the southern kingdoms were never entirely conquered by outsiders the north east in my knowledge…

Cultures of Myanmar and NorthCultures of Myanmar and North Eastern India Eastern India

Cultures of Myanmar and North Eastern India

There are many similarities and differences between Myanmar and Northeastern India. Similarities: Both regions speak primarily Sino-Tibetan languages. Both areas are plagued by militancy. They have similar cultures. Tribes such as the Khamti, Tai-Phake, Naga tribes, Chin/Mizo and Chakma/Tangchangya are found across the Indo-Myanmar Border….


Best time to visit Kanyakumari

TravelBrandIndia Team overview on best time to visit Kanyakumari Kanyakumari is the southernmost fall of India, located in the make a clean breast of Tamilnadu in parable to 90 kilometers away from Trivandrum. It is one of the most exotic tourist places to visit in…

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Top Road Trips in India you should do this winter

Winter is the best month to reach road trips in India. It is chilly in the north and easygoing in south. We thought of sharing four pretty road trips in India which you can buy this winter. These are from every unconventional cities and we…

India love

What do foreigners like about India?

TravelBrandIndia, Research team survey result and report says, what things which foreigners like about India when they travel. This report is based on tourist world tour and experiences. Top 5 are the things that tourist love about India: 1. Indians are creative in finding ways…