BYJU’s Classes – A story of 2 lakh to 350 crore rupees

BYJU’s Classes – A story of 2 lakh to 350 crore rupees

Business can’t define your income money, but your passion to business is more important then money. And if you are working till to the end then it’s sure your successs story will be written into history.

A teacher’s son have a passion of sports. But history repeat itself, now that boy has their own institute. That on e called as BYJU Classes, it’s a IIT-PMT-JEE and other foundation course institute.

Before then this profession Byju Raveendran, a boy form kerela has been taken a new way beyond their profession towards his own parent background.

From then on, requests started pouring in from friends of friends, and their friends. In no time, ‘Byju’s classes’ became so popular that he quit his job and flying from one city to another to take classes.

His classrooms grew from a single room, to a hall, and then an auditorium and at one point even a stadium!

BYJU's Classes
BYJU’s Classes

The idea appealed to many investors and in 2016 alone, venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and Belgian investment firm Sofina invested $75 million (approximately Rs 500 crore/Rs 5 billion) into the firm. This was the largest fundraising in the education start-up segment in India.

This is great view of a Indian Young talent who can do anything arround the world.

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