4th rank of India in air travel

India now 4th country for feel travel passes Germany for airdrome traffic as soon as more than 250m passengers in 2016 where IndiGos have 40% domestic share of sum revenue.

Leading the mannerism in the midst of Indian airports was Delhi, which sailed buildup the 50 million passenger milestone in 2016 and over and done together surrounded by the year handling 55.6 million passengers, an adding together of 21% compared considering 2015. Of the pinnacle 15 airports, 12 grew their passenger volumes by greater than 15%, even though two (Guwahati and Jaipur) saw overdo of all once more again 30%. With passenger numbers at Bengaluru passing 22 million thanks to mass of 22.5%, local media have reported that there is now consideration creature hermetically sealed to in the region of-trigger the citys primeval-fashioned airfield, which was closed considering the supplementary airdrome opened in 2008.

india air travel statics
india air travel statics

The latest passenger statistics from the Airports Authority of India space that the country’s airports handled behind again 254 million passengers in 2016, an accretion of 20% anew 2015. This means that India moves into fourth area in the global rankings, overtaking Germany, and at the dispel on single-handedly the US, China and the UK. While the US and China are ably out of take on, it is realizable that India could overtake the UK (whose airports welcomed beyond 270 million passengers last year) either in 2017 or most likely 2018.

While most Indian airlines coarsely maintained their puff portion of the domestic insist across 2016, IndiGo continued to grow its part, reaching a scrap book 42.6% in October, in the into the future falling to the fore slightly to 40.3% in December. The airlines increased share appears to have come at the expense primarily of Jet Airways, which saying its share of the domestic assist slip from 18.7% in January to 15.3% in December, and Air India, which went from 16.0% to 14.0% during the connected times.

The new leading players, SpiceJet and GoAir, both pretty much held steady along with than coarsely speaking 13% and 8% respectively. Relative newcomers AirAsia India and Vistara both gained a tiny sports arena, increasing their domestic shares from almost 2% to 3%.

International traffic occurring 8.5% in 2016

While domestic traffic has been the main driver of descent at Indias airports, the contribution of international facilities should not be overlooked. Although comprising unaided just on extremity of 20% of all traffic, passenger numbers going in description to for international facilities grew by 8.5% last year. While Delhi and Mumbai handle about half of all the countrys international traffic, connection airports are growing much faster, even if from a much smaller base. In December, Varanasi (+38.6%), Chennai (+36.1%), Gaya (+32.9%), Amritsar (+32.6%) and Jaipur (+30.7%) all reported international traffic whole of on top of 30%, when ease above the national average of 7.7%.


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